Teacher Education Tools


A number of free tools and technologies are available from Microsoft Corp. to help you motivate and captivate your math students. Included in the collection are interactive activities that can inspire students to explore as a group or as individuals for their own personal learning.

Share a digital photo story: Available for Windows® XP, this free downloadable program has tools to enhance, crop, and rotate
your digital photos. Create a photo slideshow with a few simple clicks and bring a subject to life with music and pictures.

Make your classroom lessons more memorable with a movie: Windows Live® Movie Maker is the fast, easy way
to turn photos and video clips into great-looking movies and slideshows you can share with your class, on the Web, or on DVDs.

Mathematics Add-in visualizes problem solving: From algebra to physics, teachers and students can unravel equations and visualize formulas through 3-D graphs. Works with Word 2007 and 2010 and OneNote® 2010.

Many other tools can be found online, such as: 

•  Lesson Plans: Lesson plans give a teacher an idea of how technology can be used within a mathematics curriculum.

•  Stories: Teachers who use resource from the library often write stories detailing their experience.

•  Activities: Similar to lesson plans, activities are written to a student audience helping them use a specific tool to learn mathematical concepts.

•  Interactive Technology Problems: These are problem-solving challenges that take advantage of interactive mathematics tools.

•  Support Materials: Information to support the mathematics presented by a tool.

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